The importance of light in our lives

The importance of light in our lives

Lights are a vital part of our life. Obviously, natural light, daylight, is a source of life. Without light, life is not possible; it just might be that without light, human life would not even exist. One of humankind’s greatest invention was fire. From the late 1800’s to date, light sources have dramatically evolved and have been able to improve our comfort in a spectacular way: at home, at work, in leisure, and everywhere else.

In choosing the right lights for your home or work space is vitally important. When done right, it enables people to live and work well with complete comfort and ease. When not done well, it creates stress on the eyes, uneasiness in the environment and could possibly affect your health. Of course natural light is the most optimum, but when that’s not available, you of course need lighting through the means of electricity. I want to take up the subject of LED downlights. These look great and create the right ambience. Especially if you have the right ones installed. If you don’t have the right ones installed, its time for an upgrade or change-over.

LED downlight change-overs or upgrades

With the right type of LED lights, there is a lower cost in power consumption – 50 watt compared to 10-13 watt LED. Which brings about a saving on power bills for you, the customer. Due to the amount of heat generated by halogen lamps, the heat they generate, can potentially be a fire hazard! Over the past twenty years, there have been advancements made and there are now far better quality LED downlights that produce little to no heat, and have a lifespan of anywhere from 30-50 thousand hours of illumination.

There are several companies that offer cheap LED downlight upgrade – but the customer should be aware that the lights they provide, are cheap for a reason; they are cheaply made, often fail, and only have one option for ‘ kelvin colour’ (light colour) and these are non-dimmable. To know if you are making the right choice in choosing LED downlights, its best to talk to an expert. Yes a Salesman in a lighting shop is very knowledgeable, but its best to talk it over with an Electrician. I’m available for a consultation on the matter.

Call me on 0497 180 949 and let’s get that consultation done for your specific needs.

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