Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades

A Switchboard is what directs electricity, hence, it needs to be taken care of considering the safety aspects.
How’s your electrical board looking? Do you have any concerns or worries about it? If you do, you can call me for an appointment to come and check it out. If you need a replacement, I can do that. It’s best to be safe, than sorry. Don’t put off having your board checked out if you have any concerns about it!

Electrical safety saves lives. Every householder in NSW is legally obliged to keep their home safe, including the way electricity is used. – a statement on the NSW Government website.

Switchboard upgrades are necessary to ensure there are no busted fuses, and the circuits work efficiently. We provide switchboard upgrades at affordable prices in and across Sydney. If you have an old electrical board with porcelain/plug in fuses, we can update it with a safer up to date alternative. Contact me today to book an appointment to have your switchboard viewed and assessed. https://www.harknesselectrical.com.au/

Phone: 0497 180 949 Email: harkness.elect@gmail.com

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